Something is brewing over at Colt Defense, but judging by the time of this “new firearm leak,” we’re a little skeptical of how truthful it actually is.

As a general rule of thumb: if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it probably isn’t a mongoose. At least that’s the approach we’re taking with this “news” because something about it smells rather fishy.

A recent Facebook post “leaked” the following images of a new Colt All American Model 2000 9mm handgun, but is it just another April Fools hoax?

According to the post, the all new Colt 2000 will feature:

  • The 3C Trigger. Factory set at 5.5-lbs
  • Improved CAMISA Gripton Ultimate Grip Experience ergonomic grip actually corrects shooter’s grip.
  • Operator-approved and combat-proven modern striker-fire design.

See the reason for all skepticism? Here’s the Facebook post for you to see for yourself:

So, what do you think, new firearm or hoax?

It’s tough to call, but based on what we have to go on here, we’re sticking with our gut and saying this is an April Fools joke. Nice try though!

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6 thoughts on “New Colt Firearm Leak or April Fools Joke? You Be the Judge

  1. I don’t know whether you call it a joke or not. The accompanying pic is of an actual “Colt 2000” semi-auto which was produced for a short time in the early years of the 21st century. I think it featured a barrel which locked into the slide by means of rotary locking lugs rather than using the common Browning tilting barrel system. It was discontinued after a few years.

  2. Umm…must be an April Fool’s joke. Sure, the trigger pull weight sucked on the original, but it had plenty other design problems. Can’t polish a turd.

  3. I’d rather see them make a new Pocket Automatic like the 1903. THAT would be a huge hit for Colt, as long as they made it with modern steel (stainless) and a modern finish (nitride) or left natural. Making it a resin striker fired gun would ruin the interest for shooters, except for the fan boys and girls.
    What do you guys think about a collector reproduction of a classic like this? This would be one you could use every day and not hurt the value, and Colt could even make a limited engraved edition for the collector market.

  4. OK, call me dumb, but what is it that sticks out and makes this look like a hoax? I know I am missing something here.

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