Don’t worry, we found the Russian hacker that allegedly tampered with the most recent presidential election, and things are starting to make sense now . . .

Mike Potter, who resides from Whitefish, Montana, has been living in the Treasure State his entire life, yet has never seen something quite like this before: a cinnamon-phase black bear carrying a laptop computer around in its mouth standing on the side of a road.

Weird right? Take a look:

“It was a Montana moment I’ll never forget, I mean I grew up here in Whitefish and when I saw that, that is what makes Montana so great,” Potter told MTN News.

Where does a bear find a laptop? And why is it interested in a computer? And most importantly, is this the hacker that has everyone’s britches in a knot lately?

Okay, while that’s highly unlikely, maybe Betsy DeVos was really on to something when she tried to warn us all about these bears.

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Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

  • terry moberg

    He is only looking for a good wi-fi connection.