What happens when a snake does battle with a porcupine? The end result is not very pretty . . .

If you’ve ever hunted with dogs, you can relate to this, the sight of a porcupine is enough to make you nearly jump out of your own skin. The last thing you want is your dog to get excited and stick its mug in a porcupine’s face, thinking it’s just another furry woodland creature.

This giant boa constrictor in Brazil learned that lesson the hard way.

We aren’t exactly sure what transpired prior to this clip, but here’s our best guess:

The porcupines quills were likely pushed back when the snake initially attacked it. When the boa attempted to swallow it head first, as that’s how they typically eat their prey, there was a struggle and the porcupine was able to deploy its quills piercing the snake’s skin from head to tail.

That’s just our best guess as to what happened here, but we’re much more confident in telling you this snake was very unhappy about whatever went down.

If that’s not enough to get under the snake’s skin, (pun intended) there’s also a dog barking at it the entire time. The more we think about it, the more this seems like a case of mistaken identity. Again, we can’t say for sure, but judging by how that dog is incessantly barking, maybe the snake had other intentions but grabbed a porcupine by mistake.


Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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5 thoughts on “Video: A Boa Constrictor Tried to Eat a Porcupine, and the Results Are Not Pretty

  1. Sorry but the worrying in this article is asinine… is a boa constrictor.

    Most snakes eat their prey head first, but there wasn’t a struggle when it attempted to eat it. I struck it and coiled around it to constrict it, to kill it..BEFORE IT ATTEMPTED TO EAT IT HEAD FIRST!

    1. Yeah. I was going to say the same thing. Those spikes got stuck from the OUTSIDE not the inside when the snake tried to squeeze it to death. It’s even quite possible that the porcupine survived to fight another day.

  2. The Boa made a lightning strike grab at the porcupine and instinctively wrap the porcupine with its body to constrict and kill it. The Boa made a mistake with his diner choice. All the quills are from contact on the outside, the Boa never attempted to eat its prey. That’s what happened.

  3. Ouch! Is someone going to pull those out for him, put some rubbing alcohol on him, and give some pain pills!?? Lolz! 😉

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