If you’re at all squeamish, then you won’t want to see how this marlin fought back against this angler.

Honolulu angler Russell Ching was roughly 25 miles offshore Kaneohe, Hawaii, when he got hooked into a 500-pound marlin that had no desire of being brought aboard. After a 2 hour battle, the anglers finally got the marlin up on the deck of their small boat, where it put up one last effort to fight back.

That last-ditch effort by the marlin made for a very painful 2 hour ride back to shore for Russell Ching. You see, the marlin thrashed around on board of the boat and eventually stuck Ching’s leg, piercing all the way through and missing his artery by only a few centimeters – ouch!

The image can be seen below, but caution, it is graphic:

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