Well, this is one way to get things done . . .

Rep. Mike Stewart (Democrat) of Nashville, Tennessee, was out to prove a point Wednesday morning when he set up a lemonade stand selling lemonade, cookies and an AK-47 rifle.

Go ahead, make sure you read that right . . .

Now that we’re up to speed, let’s talk about this. Rep. Mike Stewart had one thing in mind when he set up shop of his little lemonade stand Wednesday morning: background checks for private gun sales.

Let’s listen to what he has to say:

He says in the Facebook Live video, he purchased the weapon the night before in a parking lot.

What do you think? Was Rep. Stewart’s message delivered properly?

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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37 thoughts on “Video: Tennessee Rep. Mike Stewart Sells AK-47 at Lemonade Stand to Promote Background Checks

  1. … yeah it can hit targets 50 to 70 meters on full auto firing from the hip with ease…

    Also you made a legal purchase of a firearm with the intent to sell it to another individual… Sounds to me like you made a straw purchase there my friend

  2. Well unless Tennessee has a state law requiring a background check for every purchase (firearm) there is nothing illegal in this other than the pure unadulterated arrogance of these two Senators( Unfortunately arrogance isn’t against the law) hell at some point all of us have had an extra amount of arrogance. thank you good night.

  3. One other point if this firearm was stolen he would be guilty of possession of stolen property. my opinion only of course

  4. I’m no gun expert, but that is not an AK-47. It is a sporterized SKS, I could be wrong though. And yes, you can get the barrel threaded so that a silencer will go on the end of the barrel. You would have to buy the Tax Stamp for the silencer and then of course buy the silencer, which is going to cost you several hundred dollars.

  5. If he bought it with the intent to sell it, then he lied on the ATF Form 4473. This is the exact definition of a straw purchase, which is punishable by a fine of $250,000 or ten years in prison, or both.
    But of course he is above the law, everyone knows that. *Sigh.*

    1. He supposedly bought it in a private sale in a parking lot the previous night. No 4473 required. However, I believe that the Straw Purchase law still applies, but I may be wrong.

  6. Here’s the dirty little secret about universal background checks that they will never tell you: Universal background check laws are unenforceable without also requiring universal registration.

  7. Ok there is a lot of misconception here about what constitutes a straw purchase. There is absolutely nothing illegal about buying a gun with the sole intent to sell it later.

    A straw purchase is purchasing a gun on behalf of someone else, very different, and very hard to prove.

    1. Correct, not a Straw Purchase. It is dealing firearms without a license though. Bought a firearm with the intent to resell. Doesn’t matter is he was trying to make a profit or not. He’s dealing in firearms w/o a license.

  8. So what law are you going to pass to stop criminals from buying the same gun. Criminals wouldn’t have any need to follow a law, any law. This dipshit doesn’t know any laws already on the books on age “to buy” yet wants to pass another one!

  9. According to our Constitution and the second amendment, it’s SUPPOSED to be as easy to buy a gun as a cookie or a glass of lemon aid..

  10. Your point is horseshit dickhead……move along. Maybe you should worry more about your corrupt party and stop trying to ruin the country even more than you already have.

  11. Not a straw purchase if he did not have the subsequent buyer before purchasing, and from the video, he did not as he is selling it at a stand, not to a prearranged buyer.
    And buying a rifle is not supposed to be difficult. It is a Constitutional Right! For them to say it is easy to do so that makes it wrong, is contrary to Americans Constitutional Rights!
    Is it possible for a criminal to buy a rifle? Yes of course, they buy them all the time and use them in crimes. That is not a reason for law abiding Americans to give up their Rights!
    Criminals also use in crimes: knives, bats, hands, hammers and much more.

    1. It’s not a “Constitutional Right” to buy a gun. It’s a GOD GIVEN RIGHT. The Constitution is a rule book for the Government NOT the grantor of our rights.

  12. What these liberal idiots don’t understand is that our Right to own a firearm, is just that, a Right, God given and further protected by the same Constitution that this nut case swore to Protect and Defend. The firearm in itself is an object, not oooow! evil all in itself. By the way, you guys can go into a store or buy off the street, chainsaws, machete’s, Double blade axes. knives, and all other sort of objects that can do harm (not protected by the Constitution by the way). Bottom line is, they want to be able to gather, take, and destroy all guns at some point to further their sick agenda!

    1. That’s like asking what’s the point of driving cars when bicycles exist, or what’s the point of having the internet when books exist. As technology improves, things change. Do people still hunt with bolt action rifles? Of course, just like some people still hunt with bows. That doesn’t mean you should exclude newer technology from the field.

      BTW, this doesn’t even go into the fact that hunting doesn’t have anything to do with why they exist.

  13. Does this dumb-a.. have an FFL to sell firearms from his business location? If not he is violating a ‘straw purchase’ rule which is a felony.

      1. Well, not sure about that as a straw purchase. Whose money did he use? His own? The states (Our money)? Was it expensed? I pretty sure a good prosecutor would be able to bring charges against him.

  14. Selling guns on the streets happens every minute of every day to whoever and whomever. I, personally wont’ sell a gun to anyone unless I went to a FFL licensed dealer to have it done as I want that gun out of my name. Anyone who buys guns legally, knows how it works….

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