Aryanna Gourdin, a 13-year-old from Cove, Utah, recently traveled with her father, Eli, and her brother, Jacob, to New Zealand to hunt red stag. She successfully pulled-off the challenge and tagged two mature stags on consecutive days (stag No. 1 shown above). The second stag (below) scored 404 inches! Aryanna went on the hunt with outfitter Kaweka Hunting New Zealand.

The video below of Aryanna and her second stag received over 110,000 views on Facebook. Kendall Jones even shared the hunt on her Facebook page, which has more than 1 million followers.


Aryanna has always loved the art of hunting and has many stories to tell.

For example, back in August, Aryanna and her father went on a hunting trip to Africa. During this adventure, she legally tagged a zebra and giraffe. Aryanna decided to post a picture her harvest on Facebook, but anti-hunters spotted the post and she received many hate messages – and even death threats. In total, she received more than 75,000 negative comments on her Facebook post, and was called “sick” and an “animal hater.”

Undaunted, Aryanna has not recanted her hunting lifestyle. She simply has replied kindly and softly to this situation saying, “I will never back down from hunting, because I am a hunter!”

And Aryanna isn’t fighting the negativity alone. Many outdoorsmen and supporters of Aryanna have stated, “Let the haters hate. Hunt away, Aryanna!”

Editor’s note: Aryanna continues pursuing her love for the outdoors. She is now a co-host on The Outdoorsman’s Art Radio Show alongside with her father, Eli, and the author. She also recently contributed to writing a book regarding hunting rights and anti-hunting activism entitled “The Hunter’s War: Vegan Vs. Hunters,” which is available online. She will never back down from being a hunter.

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24 thoughts on “13-Year-Old Girl Tags Two Monster Red Stags – Then Receives Death Threats

  1. You stay like you are,young lady.
    Some people will never taste elk,moose or deer.They think all meat comes wrapped in plastic from the supermarket.

  2. Good on you kiddo, my daughters are envious! stick to your guns and enjoy life.

    I would also add; death threats (for whatever reason) are a criminal act and we hunters tend to pursue the perpetrators through the legal system less than in any other walk of life and I’m beginning to think that just “letting haters hate” may not be enough particularly when it comes to protecting our childeren

  3. Some people are seriously messed up between the ears. They apparently don’t believe in hunting animals but have no problem in threatening the life of another human being. Seriously sick people.

  4. I’ve been a hunter for 45 years, and every time I see a commercial by the left wing radical animal rights group I simply turn the channel. I do not condone cruelty to animals, I love animals, but these same people support legislators whose legislation murders babies, and sells they’re body parts! “Don’t hurt animals, but chunk that dead brat in the trash!” Insanity is rampant inside the left wing! P.S. Why kill a Giraffe? You can’t eat it, you can stuff it for around $50,000.00 but where are you going to put it? You’ve got a hundred grand in a life sized stuffed animal, why? I know you have the right, and I support those rights, but why not kill something that could feed the hungry?

    1. Why do you think that you cannot eat giraffe? Meat is THE reason that they are poached. You get about 4 gazelles worth of meat from 1 giraffe. There have even been a couple of restaurants here in the US that serve it.

      1. Interestingly enough, you learn something new everyday! I wasn’t condemning the girl, just never entertained the thought of eating a giraffe!

    2. it does the natives eat it all. why don’t check these things the same its done with elephants no meat goes to waste hunters have fed 1000’s of people and saved 1000’s of animals.check and see how much all the animal rights people put back to help anything but themselves.

      1. That’s fantastic! I didn’t realize anyone ate Giraffe meat, but you learn something new everyday!

  5. It’s obvious that the people that attack this girl are low information people who make decisions based on emotions rather than facts.

  6. People who don’t know anything about the money we pay for licenses and permits go to the betterment of wildlife population, habitat, payroll for DNR agents, and many other benefits such as farming, fish hatcheries, ponds and lake management, soil health, the water we drink, wetlands, and so much more!

  7. What’s wrong with the people that are anti-hunting? Simply put, they are
    uneducated idiots who buy their meat and leather goods (shoes, purses,
    wallets….) in stores where no animals are harmed….lol. And to
    threaten a human, especially a young girl for doing something that
    humans have been doing for thousands upon thousands of years, a
    ‘biblical’ approved act??? All I can say is may God have mercy on THEIR
    souls for causing any harm to this child, including mental anguish!!!

  8. That stag is beautiful, the rack is spectacular, that is a lifetime harvest congrats…snowflakes the huntress is a bowhunter that can kick your ass in a fair fight, and she is lethal with that bow at 50yrds if not more…its legal, to hunt, who are you out there to tell us not too. My ancestors, have been hunting for food for 1000s of years, and were here first.

  9. Ok, I now know Giraffe meat is edible and that is a good thing! I honestly believe that if more young kids had the opportunities to hunt our country would be a better place! I was fortunate to have my Dad, and Grandfather, to teach me to safely handle firearms, and to take the time to go and hunt! I’ve never been to Africa, would love to go! I was however born, and raised in west Tennessee, and hunted Arkansas, Mississippi, and east,Tn.Kids need to get out in the woods, fields, and learn what is out there, the agriculture, the game, the comraderry, its things that keep you grounded, and humble. Fishing, and hunting, baseball, football, and all sports were all I cared about as a child. Then girls entered the equation and really put a damper on my time!

  10. Aren’t giraffes endangered now, though? That’s the only part that makes me sad. If not yet actually on the endangered species list, they are about to go on it.

    1. It depends on the area. In Kenya (which does not allow hunting), giraffes are endangered and declining, in South Africa (which does allow hunting), giraffes are not endangered and are increasing.

      1. Thank you for that clarification. I do agree that whomever is threatening this child, or any hunter but ESPECIALLY a child, should be tracked down and arrested. Immediately. No pass, no justification, go directly to jail.

  11. For all the libertards out there that think hunting animals is horrible you might want to contact your state Department of Natural Resources and have them explain to your dumb ass why it is paramount to the health of the wildlife to hunt them. If we did not hunt them they would over populate in a couple to three years and then the habitat would not be able to produce enough food for them, they would start starving and getting diseases, etc., etc.
    When will you ignorant libertards start getting the facts before you open your stupid sick mouths spewing all of you terroristic threats and other foul sickening statements of hate. You are the true haters. You should be locked in a prison cell for making death threats.

  12. Forget hunting, forget whether an animal is edible, forget the justification that we play a big part in conservation and job creation etc etc.
    Please concentrate on this; if you directly threaten to end the life of a child then you should expect a knock on your door from a man in a uniform with some handcuffs at the very least by the end of the week. Then the press need to give equal coverage about your arrest and trial and dig up your past misdemeanors with pictures of you and your house and interviews with neighbors.

    Who are these threateners? have they been traced? arrested? charged? incarcerated?

  13. at one time they were hunted and the meat was actually canned and sold they are not native to new Zealand . so people just need to mind their own business .

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