This state school in England teaches kids how to shoot, clean and prepare pigeons, and live in the outdoors. Would you send your child to a school that does something similar?

We know what you’re thinking, and no, Bear Grylls isn’t the head instructor. The man in charge is Mike Fairclough, or as his students refer to him, “the best headteacher there is.”

Along with traditional learning methods, this school in Eastbourne teaches kids about the outdoors, such as starting fires, fishing, basic gun safety, and using a knife to clean game animals.

“The most dangerous thing you can do to a child is not expose them to an element of risk and danger,” Mr. Fairclough said. “We’re about giving children real experiences, giving them a lust for life, and giving them a passion for life as well.”

While some folks are likely to condemn such lessons and teaching methods, West Rise Junior gets the best exam scores in the area and won the 2015 T.E.S. Primary School of the Year. Pretty hard to argue with that!

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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7 thoughts on “Video: Primary School Teaches Children How to Shoot, Clean and Prepare Game

  1. Great going you guys. Keep it up, the kids today need the knowledge to survive in the world today. These kids will never have to go hungry if they learn these skills well.

  2. Absolutely Beautiful. To imagine this in England is mind boggling. Bless these teachers and the children.

  3. This is good. They should learn where food comes from and how to hunt for it, if the need should arise. And learning about weapons and firearms is a very good idea, especially in areas where many animals run wild and in some cases, can pose a danger to humans.

  4. Thank goodness they have taken a turn like this. It is long overdue and should be a regular part of every schools curriculum. However I would not send my kids there. I will take them out myself. They will grow up with fishing and hunting as the primary source for meat. It’s a way of life, not a sport. The only reason a school like this is needed, is because of the smothering governmental restriction placed on them and generations of isolation from the wild. This is a good turn though, as I said…

  5. I would send my kids. I would love to start a school that incorporated caring for animals, growing food and other basic life skills. Math, science and other subjects can be taught or built around those subjects. Kids need to connect with nature. Such a school would incorporate the Charlotte Mason, Waldorf, Montessori and Classical Methods.
    Germany had kindergartens in the woods where kids were given access to rusty saws and knives. My husband went to look at one and we decided our three-year-olds would not attend, but there were plenty who placed their kids in schools like that.

  6. Well done for bucking against the trend. Down with the trend!! I bet they loved their pigeon pittas. I’d send my kids to that school for sure.

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