The video you’re about to see was captured on a Browning Recon Force FHD trail cam by Jason Craig. According to comments Jason made on Vimeo, he captured this video in northern Colorado.

“I am amazed at the actual population around as they are so rarely seen,” he wrote. “It was close to the Wyoming border, north of Redfeather.”

The description of the video on Vimeo states: Juvenile Mountain Lion Calling Others.

And because Jason is much more of a mountain lion expert than we are, we won’t question him. Whatever this mountain lion is trying to communicate, the video clip is surprising and entertaining.

Nice work, Jason!

Lion_Calling_01282017_Clip from Jason Craig on Vimeo.

Image is a screenshot from the Vimeo video

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  • daryl

    Nope didn’t no they did that, pretty cool if I ever here that while in the woods I now no it ain’t any kind of bird haha and would might want to grab another gear and get out a dodge

  • James Acerra

    Just a guess but is that a call to young or from a young cat! That really sounds like a young cub calling out! It’s clearly on the hunt by scent of something.

  • Jan Corrigan

    Almost sounds like a bird.

  • ShootsStraight

    Our fluffy tabby makes a sound a bit like that, only more softly.

  • OahuJack

    Prairie dogs and some squirrels make a very similar call/squeak

  • James Moore

    So glad to finally hear a recording of this, about 5 years ago I had a very large cougar bark like this (louder and deeper) on a ledge no further than 50′ from me (I was unspotted by it the whole time) for about 15 minutes – then it went into the wooded valley below the cliff I was on. and did it for about 20 minutes more. I figured it was trying to flush me out (since it could smell where I had hiked up). I’d describe the “awk!” I heard as a cross between monkey, chicken and cat, this is more gentle and higher pitched – maybe a smaller/younger or female cat?

  • Kodi Quinn

    WOW I never knew

  • mot

    so that’s where my dogs squeaky duck chew toy went……

  • happy gardener

    wow !!! Really surprised with the little squeaky toy sound.Beautiful cat though

  • Jackie Odom

    Maybe it is a female and she is calling to her cub? Thank you for sharing!

  • Eureka Truthteller

    They are also the largest cats that purr…

  • Rosia Gregg-Lambeth

    One was spotted downtown John Day Oregon, again.. across from the radio station, if u walk at night be careful, take a dog or ? Remember they are not going to stay in a small area, so watch our for them, between cars, by garages, buildings, sheds, homes and trees, keep an eye out.

  • Michelle Rogue Ster Schireman

    It is a mother and cub contact calling! Hard to tell if this is the Mother or the cub, but that’s what this vocalization is.

  • skymaster

    Was driving water truck for a logging company last year staying on the job because I ran a 525 skidder in the daytime. I would get up about 11:30 at night anyway I was in my shorts sitting on my tailgate getting ready to get dressed when I herd want sounded like a baby crying coming towards me, for some reason I thought it was a coon so I grabbed my flashlight and when it got next to me I lit it up it was pitch dark until I turned the light on 20ft away looking at me was a big female mountain lion looked at me for a few seconds and kept walking down the hill turned out she had to cubs that were down the hill from me she was looking for.

  • gail319

    I am assuming it has kits and she is calling them. OR this lion is very young and is trying to maybe find its Mother. Domestic cats have different sounds for different things. So why not mountain lions? I wouldn’t think they went around roaring at each other! lol

  • eye4i

    That’d suck to be a bird watcher tying to find that elusive feathered critter you haven’t logged yet, and try sneaking up on it..

  • dujaa74

    It’s OK little girl I’m coming to save you! What the??? LOL

  • Frank Hunter

    calling for her cubs or her mom