A military vehicle collector thought he was striking gold on a deal that included an army lorry and an Abbot self-propelled gun for a Type-69 tank, a Chinese variant of the T54 developed by Russians and sold to Iraq to use in the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

After receiving the tank, Nick Mead, 55, discovered he literally had struck gold when he found five gold bullion bars worth more than £2 million ($2,474,600.00) stashed in the fuel tank.


Mead reportedly had this to say upon his golden discovery, “We didn’t know what to do. You can’t exactly take five gold bullion bars down to Cash Converters without questions being asked, so we called the police.”

Nick, and mechanic Todd Chamberlain, who assisted in the discovery, believe the gold was looted by the Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait during the Gulf War.

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6 thoughts on “Tank Collector Finds Over $2 Million Worth of Gold Bullion Stashed Inside Iraqi Tank

  1. difficult decision. It was stolen property. He should attempt to find it’s true owner. it sucks to give up gold but it was a product of theft and should be returned.

    I have as much trouble with my finances as anyone else but I’d have a hard time just keeping the gold without at least trying to find the true owner or thier family.

    1. It’s true owner? It was looted by Iraqi soldiers in a country where thousands of people were slaughtered and their property stolen by Saddam and company. There is no way anyone will ever figure out exactly where it came from. Now it will just be confiscated by the government.

      1. I don’t agree that there is “no way” that the true owner can’t be found. it depends on the mint marks on the gold and if a report was put out on it when it was first stolen after the Iraqis were run out of town. The Kuwaiti Government isn’t as dishonest as other countries.

        Anyway. I’d make an effort but I would NOT transfer the money to the government. Not even if they request that I do it. It would only be transferred to the true owner with verifiable evidence. It’s like if I found a package with money in it. I’d post an ad but I wouldn’t give any info and the person trying to claim it better have detailed info on what is in that package.

  2. …..Should have sought competent legal advice, and rented a safe deposit box to stash it until his rights to the gold could be determined.

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