This next “fishing story” had us absolutely rolling on the ground in laughter . . .

Angler and grandfather of six, Jeff Spencer, was doing a bit of online shopping one day when he bought a £6.50 ($8.08) tripod for his fishing pole on eBay – and was left reeling when his order arrived with a set of bondage gear to go along with it.

Included in the package was two separate parcels. One contained the tripod, which Jeff originally ordered, and another that held the kinky red fetish wear including a whip, handcuffs, a blindfold, rope, and a ball gag.

The 67-year-old quickly explained to his wife, Sandra, 75, that the bondage gear had been allegedly delivered by mistake – or perhaps grandpa is kinkier than everyone thought and he just got caught.

According to The Sun, Jeff said: “I showed her because she wouldn’t have believed me it had just turned up. Straight away she asked me why I’d ordered it, but I hadn’t.”

“Like me, she didn’t know what it was all for. We went on to my eBay account to show her my purchases, just to prove it.”

Not knowing what all the items were for, the couple turned to a neighbor to help explain what it was all for – I bet they wish they hadn’t. . .

Image courtesy Imgur

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