If you ever find yourself teeing it up at the same golf course as President Donald Trump, take a peek at what he carries in his golf bag, you may notice some of his “clubs” have triggers . . .

It’s been reported by multiple sources, that when President Trump tees off for a round of golf, he typically carries a little extra firepower along with his golf clubs – and that’s not some kind of golf joke suggesting he keeps a driver blessed by the likes of long-hitter Dustin Johnson or Rory McIlroy either.

According to the Palm Beach Daily, Mr. Trump recently played a round of golf at Trump International Golf Course in Florida, and he was accompanied by several Secret Service agents who rode in golf carts in front, beside and behind the President.

“Hey Dan, see anything strange about those clubs in the back?” one lunch guest inside the club room asked another, gesturing through the window to a golf bag in the trailing cart.”

The guest responded: “Sure do. They have triggers.”

“Yep, high-powered rifles nestled in there – just in case, heaven forbid, they are needed – with the woods and the irons and probably one of those little stubby pencils,” the local Florida paper reported.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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31 thoughts on “President Trump ‘Carries High-Powered Rifles with His Clubs’ when Playing Golf

  1. The article tries to lead on as he’s always done this, but it gives no timeline…. He’s the President. I hope there are high power rifles nearby.

  2. Ummm… secret service routinely carries M4’s when possible. This is not a shocker. What’s more is they did it with previous presidents as well. The article made it sound like President Trump just had a Steyr AUG sticking out of the top of his golf bag. Moronic article

  3. M4’s would take up a lot of room in his golf bag, but Trump’s so bad, having a full set of clubs would be a waste! Look at this fat old guy! He spends 20% of the presidency (nearly every weekend) on the golf course at our expense! Yet he bad mouthed Obama for playing far fewer games then Trump does now! Enemies of America look at this Pic of Trump on the course and they laugh! SAD! At least Obama looked like a pro on the course!

    1. I’m sure you’re disappointed he won instead of Clinton, and I’m sure you look just like an Olympic decathlon athlete. Someday maybe we’ll all be lucky enough to see a picture of you in action.

      1. I see you want to insult pple but too much of a coward to use the actual “N word”. Just say that to a black US soldier and see what happens. BTW I’m a moderate Reagan republican, not a liberal. Country before party, at least Obama did not make a fool of the office like Trump has.

    2. Bill…Shut the f**K up..Obama cost the American people so much money playing golf it should be a crime…you are just another liberal that needs a visit to “re-educate” you in the art of understanding the “smoke” blown up your arse and the truth…

      1. Trump has already cost us over $22 million for his golf trips, he is on pace to surpass the cost of Obama’s entire 8 years of golf trips within his first year in office. You’re just too much of a dumb cuck snowflake to see the truth.

      2. Obama didn’t have his own golf course or mansions to visit at our expense. I’m a moderate Reagan republican, not a liberal. Your crazed reply is sad, but Trump will give you what you deserve – nothing – ’cause he’s a huckster who’ll fall flat before 4 yrs is up. Wait ‘n see.

    3. The difference between Trump and Obama is that Trump is actually working on the golf course, as most businessmen do. He meets with important people to discuss policy while bonding, unlike Obama, who met with his buddies and went golfing to get away from his job as president.

      1. Thanks for the civil reply bro! I’d be inclined to agree, except that policy development takes more hours and full attention to do well that includes state dept folks included, often called ‘cross functional’ teams. Incidental conversations on policy with other world leaders may not always be appropriate.

  4. STUPID ARTICLE, STUPID HEADLINE AND YES I KNOW, YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID! I actually thought the article would be informative, but instead it’s written like a school girls note, “did you see sally? OMG, she has t.p. stuck to her shoe!……..

  5. The story states that he carries a rifle.. Besides wasting our tax dollars..It’s a shame that he’s so paranoid that he doesn’t trust the Secret Service.

    1. Just like I’m sure you trust the police so much you know that you’ll never need to own or carry a gun to protect yourself.

  6. I have always hated the term “high powered rifle.” Is there really a clear line between low powered, medium powered, high powered, or any other distinctions? It always sounds like some liberal freaking out because it’s not “just” a rifle, it’s a “high powered” one.

  7. The only thing paranoid, contrary to Steve’s notion, is not understanding that a determined assassin can get by any Secret Service. So, the President’s ability to protect himself is the final arbiter of whether he lives or dies. Historically, all presidential assassins have been liberals, such as John Wilkes Booth, or members of the communist party like Lee Harvey Oswald. Today, there are many liberals and communists who want to kill our POTUS. The Secret Service is money well spent as an initial deterrent!

  8. Nothing wrong with packing a firearm; I used to carry a Mini 14 in my pickup truck and a 9mm in my car, and I don’t think too many libtards out there wanted to shoot me. But as an American citizen, it’s my right.

  9. Those rifles are to enforce the Northern US Border golf course ban on Canadian Geese entering the fairways, greens, roughs and traps without proper documentation. If you are hatched in this country are you automatically an American citizen (American Goose)?

    1. It’s a bad idea to use M4s or M14s for bird control, even when you hit them the round keeps going and winds up somewhere miles away! Shot guns are better for birds. Propane cannon noise makers that scare away birds works too.

  10. There might also be a problem on the Florida courses with the GLM (Gators Lives Matter) bunch. They are known to hide in the water hazard and sun themselves in the fringe while waiting for a tasty Birdie or Eagle.

  11. If a fella has a group tryin’ to take his scalp, even with Secret Service protection when the distance gets a little long it would put my mind more at ease if I could throw some “rocks” back. There was a story that the SS asked Ronald Regan why he packed a pistol and he answered, “Well, if you boys should need a little help – – -.” One carried a basketball and another carries a gun. Which has a better grasp on reality?

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