I may catch a little flak for this, but who else can’t stand marshmallow Peeps? Ever wonder what it would look like to blow up 1,000 of those little chicks and bunnies in an explosion of color and sugar? Me, too!

In this video, Kirsten Joy Weiss gets fancy with a slow motion camera and detonates a pile of Peeps by shooting it with her SCAR 17. The explosion itself is pretty awesome, but the post-Peep aftermath is what you want to see.

That’s one way to “roast marshmallows,” although I will definitely pass on a “Peep s’mores.” Call me a traditionalist, but give me a plain toasted mallow, a graham cracker and a Reese’s, and I’ll show you a thing or two about s’mores.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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