We have more exciting egg action on one of our live cams!  The peregrine falcon nest we’ve been monitoring recently, has inherited four new “roommates.”

As you’ll see in the live cam footage, the falcons are busy incubating four brand new eggs and will soon have a nest full of baby eyasses – baby falcons – to take care of. Falcon eggs will typically hatch in roughly 33 days, so these eggs should be due in a little under a month.

The female does a majority of the incubating, however, the male will take a turn from time-to-time allowing her to fly off and get food for herself.

Astrid and Ares were first seen together in the Downtown Utica area in the summer of 2012. They are unbanded falcons, so their prior history is mostly unknowable.

It’s possible that one or both fledged from the over 70 known peregrine falcon nest sites in New York State, but that’s not something we are able to know for sure. All we do know is that both of these birds were in adult plumage when they were first observed in 2012.

We estimate each bird is now anywhere from 4 to 6 years old.

Viewers should be advised that as awesome as nature is, it is also harsh at times. It is entirely possible that they may see unpleasant events and natural circumstances (predation, disease, etc.) in this active nest. In the event of such events, no human intervention by the Department of Natural Resources or any other agency will occur. View at your own discretion.

With that being said, we found this unbelievable clip, which demonstrates what we’re talking about.

Upland hunters will get a kick out of this, and may even consider investing in a falcon to bring out to the field with them. Without giving too much away, take a look at the clip below to see what we’re talking about:

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