Looking to claim your fishing spot once and for all this season? Well, now thanks to Raptorboats, you can essentially move to your fishing spot and keep all other anglers away for good.

Okay, that might be a little extreme, but Raptorboats new floating fishing platforms are legit! In a perfect world, you could rig one of these up at your favorite fishing spots, anchor it down and fish at your desire.

Long day on the lake? You don’t even need to go back to camp, you can call it a night and crash inside the on-board tent and catch a snooze until morning. After all, every angler knows the early bird gets the worm. Now you can beat everyone on the lake; by sleeping on it!

Watch the video from Raptorboats below and imagine the possibilities.

Image courtesy Facebook

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3 thoughts on “Video: Raptorboats Allow Anglers to Fish Like Never Before

  1. Interesting. I went to their web site and they have no specs for boats listed, such as weight How hard to carry, move deflated), allowable load limit/hp, length, width, etc. And, AFAICT, they don’t have the “platform/tent” shown anywhere. Are there any US dealers?

  2. Wow…ease up on the dramatic “noise.” We get it, you like your new raft…. Not really sure how this is better than a small dinghy, or Jon boat with a trolling motor. Sure, it’s good to have choices. But, it doesn’t look much different than my Zodiac. From the music, and elaborate camp setup, and helicopter footage, you’d think they invented the dinghy?!?! But hey, it’s good to have choices…

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