We recently brought you the story about a hunter shooting his two buddies who were hiding behind a tail fan, and now here’s another reminder to be safe in the turkey woods.

In this amazing video, three people are set up in a natural ground blind. Two have shotguns, and one is running a camera. Then, a shot rings out from behind the hunters. If you replay the video (hit pause and play as fast as you can), you can actually see the shotgun muzzle blast. Look at the wood edge, just to the left of hunter’s head (the man who is shot). Crazy!

It appears that the man is hit on the upper leg. Hopefully the wound isn’t severe.

If you watch close, you can see a turkey fan folded behind the man as he rolls out of the video frame. Perhaps the shooter saw the fan and mistook the movement in the blind as a gobbler?

If we learn more about this near-tragic event, we’ll be sure to let you know.

We’ve said it before and we’ll SCREAM it again – BE SAFE OUT THERE!

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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29 thoughts on “Must-See Live Video! Man Gets Shot from Behind by Another Turkey Hunter

    1. Brian, you must NOT have been turkey hunting very long, or I hope not. The dude that got shot deserved it for two reasons. The main reason is carrying a damn tail fan into the woods. This is a display to make any critter in the woods think it is a turkey. including other turkey hunters. Last point, what do you think a tail fan is, if not a DECOY.

      1. Steve, you have never been Turkey Hunting and please stay away from Guns & the woods. You’ve also never seen Turkey Decoys.

      2. steve, what video are you watching? There was not a tail fan. The idiot behind them shot at a sound.. He needs his ass kicked!

      3. There is a tail fan laying on the ground behind the hunter that got shot, but I’m not sure how the shooter mistakes that for a turkey.

      4. When do you ever shoot the fan of a turkey anyways? These Wal-Mart hunters need to stay home

  1. Unbelievable! What the heck was the guy shooting at? A decoy? No excuse, live turkeys move occasionally. Be certain what you are aiming at before you pull the trigger.

  2. Scam Cam.
    Why would someone set up a video of themselves? Would you not point it to where the turkey was going to be? SMH.

  3. My little league baseball coach got shot turkey hunting, It was one of the best hunting lessons I learn at such a young age. I credit his misfortune with the concern I have when in the field with other hunters

  4. Some hunters will shoot at anything that moves, and if you’re willing to creep around the woods in full camo that could be you. Is there anything a hunter can wear to to identify themselves as humans? Can turkeys see an orange cap? Obviously, I’ve never been turkey hunting.

    1. Turkeys can see color and have very good eyesight. Wearing hunter orange would make it impossible to hide from them so you must be in full camo. This makes turkey hunting very dangerous because like you said, some hunters see movement and shoot. They should never be allowed to hunt again

      1. As a hunter myself you are absolutly correct. A man killed another hunter who was walking down a road here in Florida during doe season. The shooter said heard a noise and shot through the grass without identifieng what he was shooting at and killed a father in front of his son. Tragic happens every year weather you where orange or not.

      2. Some years ago a young mother was shot and killled in her backyard, She had on white gloves and the hunter saw the white and thought she was a deer. He should have gone to jail, but did not. I think this was in Connecticut of Mass.

    1. You don’t always bleed immediately after being shot. With Turkey Shot, it is a small shot almost the size of a BB.

      1. One would think there would be more info? Like the how and why and aftermath. Odd and people do anything to get video hits. Remember the guy with a dead Bigfoot in his freezer! Hoax! Where is the shooter? On the run? For now I’ll reserve judgement. I have a friend who had his leg shot off by his hunting partner with a 300 WHBY! So gun safety is serious business!

  5. That is the reason. When I go hunting I always let people know. Where I am at, I tell them and I leave a message in my truck window with a map. Telling others exactly where I am going to be. So they don’t hunt the area im in. And also in case of an emergency they will know where I am.

  6. There’s NO excuse for a Grown Man to be this STUPID! If He gets that Excited about Killing a Ugly Turkey He seriously needs to find another Hobby.He should at Least be Banned from buying Hunting license for 5 years and show proof of attending a Hunters Safety course.

  7. I honestly feel this scenario was staged. The reaction of the videographer was totally unconcerned. If I was in a situation taking fire from behind I surely would jump up and get protected. Who was running the camera to take this video. The would need to be in front of the hunters! ?

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