Here at OutdoorHub, we see a lot of “trophies,” but this is a new one even for us! Around this time of year, you expect to see long turkey beards and spring fishing trophies, but don’t forget the other hunting season that’s in full swing right now – morel mushroom season.

One lucky teenager in Indiana found himself one hefty mushroom trophy, and it’s blowing morel hunters minds . . .

A big congratulations to 13-year-old Kayden Graber, who found a morel mushroom that stands nearly 1-foot tall! In a Facebook post, the Indiana DNR shared photos of the mushroom that Kayden found near Linton, Indiana, in Greene County.

Here are the photos of the giant morel, which the DNR says, “He could feed a whole family with that thing!”:

Every year, thousands of morels are found throughout the U.S., ranging in all different shapes and sizes – just like the trophy bucks we see during the fall. This is one of the first monstrous morels we’ve seen this year, and it certainly is a trophy.

From the look on Kayden’s face, it looks like he just took down a new world record buck:


Image courtesy Facebook

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