At OutdoorHub, we love guns as much as anybody. With that being said, we came across a genre of art called “gun art” and we don’t know what to make of it. . .

In a series called, “Reliquaries,” cathedral artist Al Farrow combines guns, ammunition and bombs to build really breathtaking sculptures of churches and synagogues.

The use of weaponry to depict religious imagery is awfully ironic, but how does it make you feel?

Al Farrow

Al Farrow

Al Farrow

Al Farrow

“Throne of Weapons” was created by the Mozambican artist Cristovao Canhavato. The piece is made from weapons, mostly AK-47s, collected since the end of Mozambique’s civil war in 1992.

The arms of the chair are made out of Soviet AK-47s, while the backrest is made up of H&K G3 rifles, according to wikipedia.

These are just a couple of the 50 instruments Pedro Reyes made using weapons given to him by the Mexican government.

Imagine Metallica having a drum set made entirely out of guns. . .



Pedro received 6,700 weapons all cut into pieces and rendered useless, however, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, apparently.

Image courtesy Al

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