OutdoorHub loves to bring you interesting animal videos, and this one certainly qualifies. Simply watch . . . reeeeeeeeeelax . . . and enjoy.

P.S. According to the owners of Jenness Farm, where this video took place:

We are a very small DAIRY FARM in Nottingham, NH, with a herd of approximately 25 goats, 10 of whom are current milkers and the rest are young does, wethers or retired does living out their lives on the farm. We also have two donkeys (one donkey, Bobby, who is 40 years old, that we rescued from going to slaughter!), a horse, a turkey, two peafowl, four Guinea fowl, several hens and two bunnies and a sweet rescue dog named Juno, who came to us out of a high kill shelter in Alabama. Our five yoga goats are Nigerians, who came to us from other farms as we only have full size dairy goats.

If you have a problem with dairy farms, bottle feeding babies or using milk in products, or if you are just looking to make uneducated and attacking comments on our [Facebook] posts, PLEASE unlike or unfollow us and take your agenda elsewhere. It’s as simple as that.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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