There’s something to be said about a woman who knows her way around a boat. These six lady anglers mean serious business with a reel in their hands, and even though it might be difficult, you probably want to change fishing spots if you bump into them on the water.

Brooke Thomas – This one is no secret. We see Brooke slay fish day-in and day-out; she’s the real deal!



Emily Riemer – Always pulling in gorgeous fish and getting the job done!



Ellie DiVirgilio – An Italian fitness model who loves to get on the water and catch beautiful fish.



Vicky Stark – Born and raised in South Florida, Vicky is another Florida girl who has fishing in her blood. Get out of her way on the water!



Arianne Rohmann – Speaking of serious business, Arianne is nothing but business on the water, but she does like to have a little fun every now and then, too!



Michelle Clavette – Pelagic Pro Team, Marsh Tacky Carbon Pro Staff member, what else is there to say? Michelle is a very talented angler who works extremely hard at everything she does. The great photos of the many big fish she’s caught are a prime example!

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2 thoughts on “6 Lady Anglers You Should Be Following on Instagram

  1. I’m on my way to Florida with camera ready to take pictures of statuesque, uh…mermaids. Do I need a license to shoot them?

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