Many people are prone to hitting the snooze button several times before finally dragging their carcass out of bed to get ready for work. After all, if you spent dark to dark on Saturday and Sunday hunting or fishing, you don’t exactly feel well-rested come Monday morning.

But diehard bowhunter Beka Garris didn’t hit the snooze button this morning.

You see, April 24 is opening day of the 2017 turkey season in her part of Ohio, and as the Facebook photo and post below explain, she was up bright and early for an important Monday morning meeting. She’ll be late for work because she has to field-dress a trophy tom!

Well done, Beka! Shooting a turkey (tom or jake) with archery gear is a major accomplishment, but arrowing a mature longbeard with a traditional bow ranks near the top in terms of degree of difficulty.

Editor’s note: Stay tuned to OutdoorHub for an upcoming bowfishing article from contributor Beka Garris.


Image is from Beka Garris Facebook

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