Apparently, the roe (eggs) from a spoonbill is supposed to be a delicacy (think caviar), but someone must have forgotten the salt because OutdoorHub contributor Melissa Bachman and some of her fishing friends couldn’t keep from spitting it out.

Some things look bad but taste good . . .

This stuff looks bad and seems to taste even worse.

She wrote the following on her Facebook post: Peer pressure is real . . . lol! Spoonbill caviar is #2 in the world and sells for $50 an oz., so it should taste really good, right?!?! WRONG! Bryan Marshall, myself and Jared Smith tried eating the roe straight from our fish as we cleaned them on shore with Rusty Pritchard of Pritchard’s Guide Service. I won’t be spending my money on this, I can promise you that! At least we can say we all tried it . . . next time we’ll have to remember the salt!

Image courtesy of Melissa Bachman Facebook

Top image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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