Clay Hayes was hiking through central Idaho when he saw something that instantly became the highlight of his trip.

Just moments after hearing a wolf’s howl, he looked up the hillside and saw a magnificent gray wolf chasing a deer through the fallen timber.

Hayes states in the video that the deer nearly ran him over, but the wolf had run out of steam, probably from running through such rough terrain, which deer are experts at maneuvering through.

When the wolf gets closer to Hayes, he let out a “Hey” to alert the predator he was there. The wolf’s reaction is so telling of these animals, not afraid in any way, rather more curious than anything else. Since being reintroduced into Yellowstone in the 1990s, wolves run these woods, and you don’t want to find yourself between a wolf and its food.

“I’ve been very close to wolves on numerous occasions, and have never felt threatened at all,” Hayes says. “They always act kinda like this one acted. When they figure out you’re around they kind of act like timid dogs. You know, they’ll put their head down and kinda just slink away as quickly as they can.”

Truly, this was an awesome encounter. And another great example of why you should always have a camera at the ready anytime you’re outdoors. You never know when you’ll find yourself in the middle of such an encounter.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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