The Big Lake High School (Minnesota) trap shooting team is fighting their school board to approve their team photo for the yearbook, after it was originally rejected by school officials, KSTP reports.

The photo shows 60 team members lined up wearing their uniform and resting a shotgun on their shoulder.

The school’s superintendent, Steve Westerberg, apparently told 5 Eyewitness News in an email that the student handbook “doesn’t allow firearms or weapons to be displayed.” He also noted that parents have been urging for several years now for the team to be included in the yearbook.

“This rule has been in affect since the school started sponsoring a Trap Shooting Team a couple years ago,” Westerberg wrote.

Clayton Birsall, one of the team members and also part of the school’s baseball team, thinks that his gun is really no different than his baseball bat.

“That’s what you use in the sport,” Birdsall said. “It’s just natural.”

This whole yearbook thing has created quite the stir for Big Lake, and it will promptly become a topic discussed at the school board meeting scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Thursday.

Image is a screenshot from the KSTP News video

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11 thoughts on “High School Trap Shooting Team Photo Rejected From Yearbook Because of Guns

  1. What a shame that so many adults involved in the act of educating (indoctrinating) our children have such a hard time dealing with the simple realities of life. Makes one wonder how they cope with day to day life, and even more what makes them qualified to be near our children. It’s a gun stupid. A tool that in the right hands is able to do so much good.

    1. Amen to that! Ridiculous that it’s fine to handle and use guns but not to take a picture with one.
      I love the school that supports the outdoors and shooting!!! Just need to get the outdated rules changed so that the kids show and share that excitement.

    2. Then all the other sports pictures must remove the tool of their sport: footballs, bats, soccer balls, hockey sticks, volleyballs, etc. You get the picture. Because we certainly don’t want to show our young people doing something constructive.

  2. In the article above Westerberg is quoted as saying;

    “This rule has been in affect since the school started sponsoring a Trap Shooting Team a couple years ago,”

    In the UK this is what is known as a schoolboy howler ie where where someone is trying to stretch their vocabulary beyond their intellect.
    I suggest this moron goes and sits in one of his own english classes and lets one of the kids (with guns) run the school for a while until he catches up!

    The sentence should commence; this rule has been in “effect”…. duh!

  3. I know that this is a different day, but back in the 60s when I went to school, I brought a WWII gun to school for show and tell. I know some guys that used to bring their shotgun to school and leave it in the principal’s office so that they could hunt on the way home from school. This PC anti-gun madness is not making us one bit safer. Be sure to vote these imbeciles out of office next time.

  4. I’d trust any one of those kids to be around me with a gun and hope they’d be carrying when a store they were in was being robbed. Just look at all the lives which could have been saved at Columbine HS, 15 dead 24 injured, and at VA Tech, I think its high time we teach the kids firearm safety and the proper handling of fire arms, much like teaching drivers ed. I would advocate for it to be a required subject or as an alternate.

    1. There were two armed guards at Columbine, and twelve armed policemen within two buildings of the VA tech shooter’s main spree building, and several armed servicemen and women in the Aurora theater who (wisely) chose not draw. The impact of armed defenders are basically already accounted for in the body counts for those events.
      Newtown is the exception for not having armed defenders on site, as the nearest armed police officer was about a half-mile away.

      1. I find it hard to believe that legally armed parties did not try to stop mass murder parties. They easily could have been next. If such happened and these non shooting armed persons survived I’d consider them moral cowards.
        There is a difference between being a Rabid shooter and a person trying to save others from death by terrorism. I would not want you in the room that someone I loved was in when a mass killing took place.

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