This is why mom always said “no shooting indoors!”

In this idiotic clip, a man attempts to shoot the tip of a cigarette while a woman holds onto it, and everything goes horribly wrong.

This video contains some blood, but is otherwise not too graphic. The hardest part about watching this video is the anticipation. Also, you might find yourself yelling obscenities at your computer screen when you see how dumb these people are:

Okay, let’s be honest: You saw that coming, correct? When videos like this surface on the internet, sometimes the only thing you can do is just shake your head at some people.

P.S.: Does anyone else notice the white tiger sitting in the corner of the room next to the man with the air rifle?

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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13 thoughts on “Video: Man Attempts to Shoot Tip of Cigarette While His Wife Holds It; Goes Horribly Wrong

  1. So, did I miss the part where he said “hold my beer”? (Must say I was gratified to hear his Aussie accent rather than the expected South Georgia/North Florida one – yes, I live in Southwest Georgia)

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