A man was stalking an Asiatic lion with his car and ended up getting a fantastic reminder not to mess with animals that can eat you.

It’s 2017 people, don’t we know by now not to mess with animals that see us as steak bites with arms and legs?

In the clip, which was posted to YouTube in 2016, the man pulls up only a few feet from a lion, with his windows down no less, and gets entirely too wrapped up in getting a good video of the King of the Jungle.

The lion stops, stares at the man for a second, and then lets out a snarl that you have to hear. The guy quickly rolls up his window and lets out a yelp like, “Holy s@$! I almost just died!”

While you watch the video, seriously turn up the volume because you’ll want to hear the lion’s snarl:

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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