A clip of an armed robbery at a Jimmy John’s sandwich shop in Kansas City, Missouri, has been going around the internet, and it’s pretty intense, but the Jimmy John’s employee seems to be cool as a cucumber the whole time.

This clip is crazy, and Kansas City police are still currently working to find the suspect, but we noticed something in the video that we think you all should be aware of.

Take a look at the video below and then we’ll point out what we noticed, and something that could save your life one day. . .

Well, did you see what we’re talking about?

 Take a look back at when the robber first presents his handgun. That’s when things actually begin to unravel for him. Let us explain.

See, the robber is practicing a method of carry known as “Israeli carry,” or condition 3 which comes from Col. Jeff Cooper who identified five “conditions” of a pistol (4, 3, 2, 1 and 0), with condition 4 being completely unloaded and uncocked, and condition 0 being loaded, round chambered, hammer back and safety off.

Condition 3 would be a loaded magazine in the pistol, with no round chambered and the hammer down; which means a round must be chambered before the gun will fire, which is the case in this particular video.

The other thing that you may have noticed, is the robber’s gun actually jammed when he tried to chamber a round. His gun was essentially useless the entire time, but that’s tough to notice when you’re staring down the business end of the barrel.

There are both positive and negative aspects to this method of carry. The positives being the obvious safety aspect, however, with the guns made today, they are much safer than when they were built with no drop safety.

We wanted to make sure we pointed out this robber’s gun failure, but we kind of buried the lead a little. You have to commend the Jimmy John’s employee for how calm and cool he remained during this incident!

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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  • Mark

    Good points, but really, do you think the employee realized this, and even if he did, I highly doubt if that is the reason he remained so calm. I personally think it was him just realizing this type of thing was bound to happen, especially in KC, and prepared himself for this moment. Scumbag need to be caught.

    • Daniel Churchman

      Kansas City, MO? That’s in the middle of gun country (I’m from Kansas, originally) Good chance the clerk is very familiar with firearms.

  • Ohiogunr

    THAT’S why I carry a revolver.

    • Joe

      Me Too

      • Bryan Miller

        Me three. Smith 642.

  • Tim Wade

    Question; If he did notice the pistol was inoperable, and decided to pull his own and cap the robber, would it be a good shoot?

    • Szandor

      I was thinking the same thing. If I decided to shoot him I might not mention that I noticed his gun was inoperable.

    • VieteranGunsmith

      Most likely yes because the threat was made with an instrument of deadly force, and the perpetrator showed intent by brandishing it in the man’s face multiple times. They caught the man and he is in jail now, awaiting trial since he was a parolee and not allowed to possess a firearm much less commit a crime with one.
      Stupid comes in many flavors and calibers – this guy went for the entire array.
      That being said, the counter guy did the right thing and cooperated – no amount of money in the till is worth anyone’s life, and if the criminal had cleared the weapon and reloaded with dropping the mag/racking the slide and reinserting the magazine (which can be done remarkably rapidly with practice) the threat level to the victim would have been much higher. Had he done that, then the guy at the counter would have been well within his rights to open fire before the criminal got a shot off.
      With today’s juries and courts no matter how good the case, being the defendant in a shooting can go sideways and even with a great case you could end up in jail. Just remember, deadly force should be the last resort, after all other options are exhausted then and only then do you have a chance of walking away without legal problems.
      Then all you’d have to deal with are the emotional realities of having taken a human life, but that requires a conscience, and I’m sure most people have one but there are some like this criminal who don’t.

  • Christopher Cherrone

    Does he have the wrong ammo in it?

  • 1inidaho

    I understand the perp has been arrested.

  • Brandon Jake Reeves

    I think maybe the cashier was just really stoned and thought he was in a movie.

    • Sheldon

      Oh, yeah. A big +1 on that.

  • Chet Houmann

    Bullet was jammed.

  • buffalobob826

    He noticed the gun was Jan that’s why he was smiling he didn’t want to lose his job

  • buffalobob826

    Sorry jammed

  • Northerner

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    • Rkn123

      Northerner don’t be racist… The poor guy probably needed money because he was hungry since his food stamps were under his work boots!

      • Mikial

        And since he never needs his work boots for anything, he never lifted them up to find his food stamps.

      • Broz

        You GOT IT!!!

      • Northerner

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      • Larry342516

        How else was he going to make his money? lol

      • John

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      • Dick Tracy

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      • Dick Tracy

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      • NorthernerIsRacist

        Racist gonna racist.

  • Goldrimmer

    He was in no danger, because it was a gun free zone.

  • Goldrimmer

    Dimplehead + gun = stupid

  • John Butler

    Liberals at their best.

  • Mikial

    Great object lesson on why you should not carry with an empty chamber. Imagine having this happen in a deadly force encounter, only it happened to your gun and not the bad guy’s? You’d be dead right there. If you’re too worried to carry with a round in the chamber and ready to go, then you probably rethink things.

    • commonsenseisntsocommonanymore

      LOL! Truth. I was once pulled over by an officer & he asked me why I felt the need to keep my gun loaded. My response? “Don’t YOU?? It wouldn’t do me any good if I needed it & wasn’t prepared, now would it? Im just trying to be a good Girl Scout” LOL – he didn’t say much after that

  • Jeff Brodhead

    “I work at Jimmy Johns. Go ahead, punk, make my day.”

  • Jeff Brodhead

    You couldn’t see it in the video, but the Jimmy John’s employee is SO FAST, he raced around the counter, emptied the gun and raced back. All the employees have a HUGE laugh, every time that happens.

    The ER docs have a code-name for the bruises robbers get, when Jimmy John’s disarms them… sammich tats.

    The ER docs and cops laugh too.

  • Noel P.

    I can’t believe that I am the only one to comment that noticed that the slide did not go back into battery. Almost two inches of barrel showing and a slide about that much from closing with the frame. I may be old but since I still shoot modern and recent firearms I’m relatively sure it will not fire in that condition.

  • 92nRed Rappini

    He say saw that the bullet didn’t go into batter you see it on the ramp.

  • Daniel Hancock

    I call BS on the headline: “Remains Fearless For a Reason.” I saw the interview. If he was aware of the firearm’s condition he did not mention it.

  • Dick Tracy

    Just another example & more evidence of Americas failure at domesticating these sub humans.