OutdoorHub recently reported about a potential buyer in Sportsman’s Warehouse to purchase the St. Paul-based outdoor retailer, Gander Mountain, and we now have more news to report on.

After a bankruptcy auction on Friday, the largest U.S. recreational vehicle dealer, Camping World Holdings Inc., has taken over the company, all of its intellectual property and its Overton’s boating business, sources said.

The winning bid for the sporting goods retailer was reported to be about $390 million.

According to The Star Tribune, Camping World owner, Marcus Lemonis, plans to operate 17 Gander Mountain stores. Another auction for Gander Mountains 100+ leases will be held on a later date, which has not yet been determined.

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9 thoughts on “Breaking News: Camping World Holdings Inc. Buys Gander Mountain With $390 Million Bid

  1. While I am not a financial guy, as an active sportsman, my dealings with Camping World and its relatives over several decades lead me to expect this will turn out to be good news for its customers and owners. Lots of winners.

    1. I hope so. The Gander Mountain outside of Madison,Wisconsin has had some extremely rude,unqualified people working in the firearms departmentover the years it moved from near East Town Mall.. Their prices are outrageous.

  2. Marcus L is the breath of fresh air that the gander stores that will remain open need. As a guy who frequents his local gander, I hope it stays open. They have hard working employees, just upper management leading a wrong direction.

  3. what got Gander Mnt. in trouble, being higher on prices for the exact same products that Academy and Cabelas carry at a much lower price. I for one, would have loved to see this store out of business and let the other BIG box stores remain. I see another GM buyout coming!

  4. I have a gander near me, but have been disappointed by the quality of the merchandise as well as the prices, compared to cabellas to a lesser degree bass pro.

  5. I have a soft sport for Gander Mountain, they started out as a mail order house they always processed my orders promptly. After I left south East Asia and was stationed in Germany they were one of the few companies that would ship to an APO box. When I did have a problem with one product and sent it back to them they replaced the item instead of sending the old one back to me with a note to send it to the manufacture. I hope that sprit of customer service can live on

    1. I too remember the mail order days fondly. A simpler time, smaller world,more gracious people. ( you can tell I’m old)

  6. I rarely shop at GM, but i don’;t want to see it close either. There’s a lot of outdoors enthusiast in my area that shop there, and I want more people to be bale to enjoy and support outdoor activities. I do hope they improve their pricing and service however.

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