After a fire-training exercise went horribly wrong, the U.S. Army has released the final photo taken by combat photographer Spc. Hilda Clayton before she tragically lost her life almost 4 years ago.

Clayton, 22, was taking photographs of the live-fire training exercise when a mortar tube accidentally exploded, fatally injuring Clayton and four other members of the Afghan National Army.

In a tribute to the late Army specialist, the Military Review wrote,

“Not only did Clayton help document activities aimed at shaping and strengthening the partnership, but she also shared in the risk by participating in the effort.”

Below, is the shocking image taken by Spc. Clayton just as the explosion happened:

Final Photo

Clayton was assigned to the 55th Signal Company, A.K.A. Combat Camera. 

Their mission, according to, is to “Rapidly deploy worldwide into the full spectrum of military operations to capture, edit and transmit high definition still and video imagery in support of commanders’ tactical, operational, and strategic objectives.”

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