Two anglers in Abilene, Texas, caught a real whopper of a flathead catfish while fishing on Fort Phantom Lake, but it’s what they caught the fish on that’s got my attention.

Brady Rosenquist and Steve Coates were out on a casual fishing trip when they reeled in a catfish that tipped the scales at 60.4 pounds. According to Texas Parks & Wildlife, that’s only 1-pound shy of the record (61.25) that Mark Tate caught on June 18, 2011.

Why do I call this just a casual fishing trip? Well, the bait tells all . . .

Now let me be clear: I’m merely poking fun here because in the end, whatever gets the fish in the boat is the bait you should be using, but I just think this is hilarious. Rosenquist told KTXS they caught the catfish using a Bar-S brand hotdog, which I can only imagine they picked up at a gas station on their way to the lake.

Ultimately, the two men decided to just snap a few pictures of the fish and then let it go to maybe be caught again another day. Heck, if the fish keeps up on that kind of diet, it ought be a new record in no time. Perhaps try dragging a T-bone across the bottom and see what happens!

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