In what Washington Fish and Wildlife authorities are calling the worst poaching case in history, 10 people are under investigation for the illegal killing of more than 100 animals including bears, deer and mountain lions.

“I consider it a killing spree,” said Deputy Chief Mike Cenci of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. “I’m completely disgusted. These people are wholesale natural resource murderers.”

The investigation, which spans over years and crosses over state lines according to kptv, began when Oregon State Troopers found headless bucks on trails all over the state. So, they set up multiple trail cameras to try and catch the people responsible. Their efforts were rewarded, as they eventually caught two men connected to the headless bucks.

“Most people, when they kill an animal, there’s respect for everything. They take the hide, they take the meat and there’s something that’s respectful about it,” Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Region 5 Captain Jeff Wickersham explained.

Buck Head

After a search of the mens’ homes, troopers said they discovered 26 deer heads, and that was only the beginning.

Authorities also confiscated the suspects’ phones as evidence, which exposed an entire operation of poachers working together to “kill for thrill.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this, and neither have any of the officers or detectives on this case,” Wickersham said. “None of us have ever seen anything to a scale like this.”


The officers involved in this case were stunned by what they unveiled in this case, and investigators believe the group killed more than 30 bears along with dozens of deer, elk and even bobcats.

The video, obtained by Fox 12 Oregon, contains graphic images and content some might find upsetting – Viewer discretion is advised:


Image is a screenshot from the KPTV News video

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4 thoughts on “Video: Massive Poaching Operation Unveiled in Graphic Cell Phone Videos

  1. My blood boils when I hear something like this. In case like this, I value animal life more highly than human life. These scumbags should be done away with.

  2. A person I know and basically considered a decent person, lost any respect I had for him over the mass shooting of white tails in our SC Lowcountry hunting areas. He wasn’t just hunting for meat he was shooting dozens just to shoot them. His son I caught shooting a Doe with a .17hmr bolt rifle. I lost it and grabbed the rifle and broke the stock against a tree. Then we had a serious discussion sbout inflicting pain and slow death upon a wounded animal that he would not even butcher. I took the boy under my wing and now four years later he is working hard, getting married to a nice young lady and follows me about. It took two years of that time for me to teach him how hunting reflects upon a decent life. I’ll be one of the small audience to witness his marriage and I’m throwing a small decent male bonding groupbtobsendchim on his way in life. The father is bipolar and beyond help in my opinion. The boy now has a future.

    I grew up in NW Florida when many people hunted for subsistence and I’ve fought many what my father taught me: eatvwhat you hunt or find someone who needs to eat. After a Military Carrier cut way too short by an injury and a decent retirement it took me four more years before I felt I could safely hunt again. I’ve taught this to my children, their friends and my Grandchildren and their friends. This is what we sportsmen are susposed to do.

    When I hear about slaughter such as this my blood boils. We need to police our own ranks if we want our families and friends to be able to hunt and enjoy shooting sports in the future. Every one of us should be thankful that Outdoor and other such webs keep us aware of the abuse of our sports.

  3. Horrendous! Sociopaths! They need to be put away for life. This sort of thing isn’t fixable. Trouble is it could be a thousand animals and they’ll just fine them (which they can’t pay) and it’ll mean minor jail time and no hunting rights….. Of which they don’t care about anyway….. This is full heartedly criminal. Keep them out of society, not just the wild!

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