Ready to be creeped out? A mysterious trail cam photo is going around Cambridge, New York, that has the town buzzing and people talking about ghosts in the woods.

New landowners bought the chunk of woods where the photo was captured, planning to use the property for hunting, until they discovered what appears to be something supernatural lurking through the trees.

A picture of a little girl playing in the woods or something more sinister? According to News 10, the town has varying opinions.

“I think it’s a ghost,” one resident said in the video below.

Chief George Bell confirmed the photo is real, and the landowners just wanted to inform the girl’s family. But after weeks of searching and asking around, no one has come forward claiming the little girl. Imaginations are beginning to take off.

Cambridge Police are still on the lookout trying to identify the girl in the picture, and ask if you know anything, ghost or not, to contact them right away.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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One thought on “Creepy Trail Cam Photo Has People Talking Ghosts in the Woods

  1. Metadata from the picture could be used to pinpoint the spot where it was taken. Very frankly, I think this makes for tabloid “news.” No, there’s nothing “paranormal” here.

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