Two Detroit, Michigan, anglers caught a fish they say is the biggest they’ve ever pulled from the urban waters.

Kelby Spake and Joe Marquardt were the two anglers who caught the muskie while fishing in the Detroit River just outside of the Renaissance Center this past week.

Spake told Fox 2 Detroit that the 48-inch fish weighed somewhere around 25 pounds. “It was more of a fat fish than super long,” he said.

The fight lasted for 45 minutes, and the two anglers had to literally wrestle the fish into the boat. But, as far as being surprised about their catch, these two anglers know better than that.

“Detroit River system has some of the greatest freshwater fishing in the country,” Spake said. “There are a ton of big fish in there, but as early as we caught it in the season made it a little rare.”

Now, because muskies are currently out of season,the two men had to release the fish back into the water to catch again another day. They say they caught the fish using a 1-ounce, chartreuse walleye jig with a black Wyandotte paddletail worm and tipped a minnow head.

Call me a “homer,” but catching a fish like this with the Detroit skyline in the backdrop would be a catch of a lifetime. Good fishing fellas, and an even cooler photo!

Detroit River

Image courtesy Imgur

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