Catching northern pike is a blast, and it’s even better when the fish have some size to them. Small pike (aka hammer handles) will put a slight bend in your rod, and those topping the 5-pound mark will certainly make you take notice. Hook one weighing 10 pounds or more, however, and you’ll have all you can handle – especially if you’re in a kayak!

The video below features a couple guys who are part of group called the Corn Coast Kayak Anglers. So, as a quick geography lesson, you have the East Coast, the West Coast, and now the Corn Coast. We editors love the creativity. And we love this video, too.

While we don’t know the specific location where this morning of mayhem transpired, judging by the surrounding landscape, our guess is Nebraska. Sure, the Cornhusker State might not come to mind when you think about fantastic fishing destinations, but check out the website for Nebraska Game & Parks and prepare to be educated.

In addition to hooking themselves (one thumb, one back), the guys from the Corn Coast do battle with many good-size pike. The GoPro footage is top shelf, and as you can see, a dedicated fishing kayak such as the ones they’re using from Hobie, are flat-out deadly.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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