We know gators have an incredibly powerful bite, but this creature has a pretty impressive bite of its own – just ask Coyote Peterson.

In this episode, Coyote goes toe to toe with his favorite reptile . . . the common snapping turtle, and things get ugly fast. Snappers have a legendary bite; equipped with a beak that can puncture aluminum cans and razor-sharp jaws that act like scissors, these turtles have a gnarly bite!

You might be wondering, just how much damage can a sluggish turtle dish out?

Well, get ready to find out, because Coyote is about to enter the “chomp zone” and intentionally take a bite from a very cranky snapping turtle:

Coyote claims he puts himself through this to “demonstrate how one should act in such a situation.” You can say that all you want, but I’m sticking with my guns here and saying you’re just certifiably nuts, sir.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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One thought on “Video: Forget Gators, This Reptile Has One Gnarly Bite!

  1. I’ve watched some of his other videos and this guy is obviously addicted to pain. Hell of a way to make a living, but definitely entertaining.

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