CarbonTV Live Cam: Osprey Nest Now Has 3 New Eggs Getting Ready to Hatch


We have more egg-citing news from one of our Live Cams. The family of ospreys  we’ve been watching now have 3 eggs in the nest, which will all be hatching very soon!

Ospreys – also known as seahawks – are masters at fishing, so it’s entirely possible that you will be seeing big fish brought back to the nest, especially now with three hungry mouths on the way!

Located at Severna Park High School in Severna Park, MD, the Severna Park Osprey Cam is made possible by the Friends of Severn River Watershed and Wildlife in conjunction with HDOnTap, BGE, Comcast Business, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Severna Park High School and the Chesapeake Audobon Society.

Please visit to learn more and support the project.

Viewers should be advised that as awesome as nature is, it is also harsh at times. It is entirely possible that they may see unpleasant events and natural circumstances (predation, disease, etc.) in this pond. In the event of such events, no human intervention by the Department of Natural Resources or any other agency will occur. View at your own discretion.

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