Gander Mountain Begins Liquidating ALL 126 Store Locations Nationwide


In March 2017, Gander Mountain filed for voluntary Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and began the work to restructure the company and remain a part of the outdoor community. In May 2017, Gander Mountain and Overton’s were acquired by Camping World Holdings, Inc.

If you’re currently holding onto any Gander Mountain gift cards, and have been looking to buy some new gear for hunting/fishing season, you better get out and do it. Gander Mountain will be accepting gift cards until May 18, 2017.

The following is a statement released by Camping World:

Camping World

Camping World Holdings, Inc. is the only provider of a comprehensive portfolio of services, protection plans, products, and resources for recreational vehicle (“RV”) enthusiasts. Through its two iconic brands, Camping World and Good Sam, the company offers new and used RVs for sale, vehicle service, and maintenance along with more than 10,000 products and services through its retail locations and membership clubs. Good Sam branded offerings provide the industry’s broadest and deepest range of services, protection plans, products, and resources. The Camping World brand operates the largest national network of RV-centric retail locations in the United States through over 125 retail locations in 36 states and an e-commerce platform. With both brands founded in 1966, product and service offerings are based on 50 years of experience and customer feedback from RV enthusiasts.

What does this mean for Gander Mountain?

The announcement of Camping World acquiring the Gander Mountain brand means that we will continue to be a part of the specialty outdoor market. Many of our customers that depend on us for their recreational lifestyle will continue to enjoy the great products and services that have been the company’s hallmark throughout its history. We at Gander Mountain believe that our best days are still ahead of us and we ask that you join us in welcoming and supporting this successful transition. Camping World shares the same passion for the outdoors as Gander Mountain and our customers, making for a great melding of businesses and outdoor communities.

Welcome to the team, Camping World! We are excited for the future and the infinite possibilities ahead of us to serve the outdoor community!

Check back in Fall 2017 for more details!

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