Silencing the Myths: Silencer Co. Negates the Most Common Misconceptions About Firearm Suppression


Silencer Co. is a company that takes great pride in what they do. They’re the leader in firearm sound suppression because of their passion for excellence and dedication to the industry.

Those of you that are close to the issue, know the uphill battle that silencers face in the eyes of anti-gun folks. With that in mind, Silencer Co. put together this little infographic which dispels the most common myths and misconceptions about firearm suppressors.

Make sure you read to the end, because Silencer Co. also spoke with video game expert, Alanah Pearce, from, about how accurate video games are at depicting the use of silencers:


Here’s another video from Silencer Co. that details the science behind suppressors and how they work. Check out the video below to learn why silencers are effective at making shooting a much more enjoyable experience:

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