In this video, Neal Hunt, of Hazard Zone TV, will show us how to quickly kill a rattlesnake the “right way.”

Who knew killing a rattlesnake could be so complicated? Even if you cut off their heads they’re still capable of biting you – as if you needed another reason to not like snakes, right?

Well don’t worry, because Neal here is going to show us all how to “actually, truly kill a rattlesnake”:

We should mention that scientists have identified over 30 species of rattlesnakes and in Arizona, you need to have a hunting license to legally kill them. This method seems quite irresponsible and dangerous so we would not recommend you follow in Neal’s footsteps here.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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9 thoughts on “Video: Dude Demonstrates Questionable Method For Killing Rattlesnakes

  1. Neal is a jackass there is no reason to kill rattlesnakes he must have issues with his man hood just like all the so-called called men in Texas ,I catch & relocate rattle snakes for people , FREE ! The Texans are ignorant they like to say they do it because so many people get bit BS it’s because it’s profitable no other reason !

    1. Mark-
      Watch your festering gob of a mouth, ole’ buddy. Or a REAL Texan will help you with that problem you have of stereotyping “Texans”.
      BTW – How’s your Mom? She was fine last nite….

    2. Well that’s dumb. You’d have to produce thousands of snake hides to be profitable and that would take all your time. We killed them for delicious food, back in the ’70s. We’d use a 4 tine gig about 7′ long. Pin them to the ground until it’s over. Just be careful of the front end, even when dead.

  2. Learned that method as kid living in Wyoming back in the 70’s. For the most part unless a rattlesnake is in a problem area, or you plan to eat it, just leave the things alone.

  3. Hey you outdoor hub editors… first the golfing dead in the sky duck and now a gratuitous rattlesnake flicker! how old is your video feed guy this week? is he a 14 year old work experience kid?

  4. The best thing to do is leave the snakes alone! Unless you are going to eat it. I hope that snake didnt go to waste.

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