Randy Johnson once blew up a pigeon with a 100-mph fastball, we’ve seen a turkey get its head amputated by a Bullhead broadhead, and now we have a video of a man obliterating a duck with a golf ball.

Duck hunters take notice, this video will blow your mind.

A golfer steps up to the tee and begins going through his pre-shot routine. A step here, a little waggle of the club there, and the man is comfortable and ready to let it rip.

Only a short distance off the club face, a duck attempting to land in the nearby pond gets blasted by the ball in mid-flight and kills the duck on impact.

The guy filming succinctly summed up the video with, “Oh my god!! Did that just happen?!”

Image is a screenshot from the Instagram video

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6 thoughts on “Video: Golfer Obliterates Duck With A Murderous Drive

    1. I agree. Stories like this make me want to cancel my outdoor hub newsletter. I have nothing against duck hunting but sensationalizing something like this kills any credibility OH has. Hope its sponsors take note.

  1. Posters accidents happen it wasn’t intentional the odds are probably greater than a hole in one the holes aren’t moving, Chill!

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