Video: Slovakian Bear Charges Bike Riders While Riding Through the Woods


A peaceful ride through the woods at a bike park in Slovakia, quickly turned into a chase scene when a bear came out of nowhere and charged the two bikers riding along the path.

Dušan Vinžík was the biker doing the filming and his friend was the one ahead of him getting chased by a big angry bear. He posted his video to YouTube, and it instantly became popular, reaching #2 on the trending list Tuesday.

The two were riding at the Malinô Brdo Bike Park in Ružomberok.

After a few quick, heavy strides, the bear darts off the path – almost like the familiar T-Rex/Jeep Wrangler scene from “Jurassic Park,” The New York Daily News wrote.

Bears are very territorial creatures, especially with any cubs hanging around. It’s likely that Dušan and his buddy were either riding up on a momma bear and her cub or they were approaching a den full of cubs. Bears will often charge any threat as a defensive tactic to scare it away.

Point taken, and I’ll bet it will be a while before Dušan goes riding down that trail again.

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