Gander Mountain will be getting a fresh new start, which will include a new name and new logo.

Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis has been trickling out some of the details on Twitter, and it sounds like the outdoor retailer will now be called Gander Outdoors, but the logo is still in the works.

Lemonis is looking for help with the logo, apparently willing to pony up $25k to the person who designs best logo . . .

He tweeted this just last night and already, designs have been flying in.

Here are some of his favorites so far:

In response to tweets inquiring about the name change, Lemonis tweeted three reasons:

“More categories, better pricing, fresh start.”


Image courtesy Twitter

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8 thoughts on “CEO Marcus Lemonis Offering $25k for Logo Redesign of ‘Gander Outdoors’

  1. They should bring taxidermy Back into the stores, when they took out all of the awesome mounts, the attitude changed.

  2. Hope they do something about the prices. Went to the Bowling Green, KY store(where Camping World is head-quartered) even with the discounts given on the inventory I could go to Cabela’s and buy it cheaper at Cabela’s regular price.

  3. Camping World is a band of pirates. They tried to charge me more money to fix a small roof leak in my camper than I paid for the camper. They let my camper sit out in the rain for a month and didn’t work on it. My suggestion for the new Gander would be a customer waiting in line with a big knife sticking out of his or her back. I wish all the employees luck but Gander deserves to just go ahead and die.

  4. From the contest rules:

    “The logo may not give the appearance of condoning, advertising and/or
    offering for sale inappropriate products or services including, but not
    limited to, lotteries, firearms, fireworks, explosive materials,
    tobacco, alcohol, and adult-oriented products and/or services.”

    No firearms? What the heck? Have they lost sight of their customer base????

  5. Yay crowdsourcing. Lots of free work for Gander Mountain, and one person gets a fraction of what they would pay an agency to do this.

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