Mother Nature really has a knack for one upping us every time we think we’ve seen the weirdest thing on the internet.

This bizarre video shows a razor clam sitting on a beach during low tide. Well, apparently clams don’t like low tide. So this fella makes a break for it and tries to bury itself in the wet sand, where it’s much more comfortable. It makes some odd noises along the way, but that’s not all . . .

Let’s just say it’s one of those “what goes up, must come down” sort of things, and it’s not pretty.

Without giving too much away, we’ll let the clam take it from here:

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One thought on “Video: This Bizarre Clam Digging in Sand has Become an Internet Sensation

  1. When living in SEA area, had friends from IL visiting, stopped at beach where many were diggiing for claims, a very dedicated group. Guess devil make me do it put could not resist. Went to diggers, still wearing coat tie, etc, asked are you doing? Reply, after clams, you from around here? Reply, “nope,visiting frm Midwest… but is this the best time of day for clams to bite, how do you fish for them during th dark, what is limit, what bait works best, and on and on…

    They looked at me like I was recent alien from Mars… Then I wandered offf… Suspect they are still discussing tha “tourist”. But clam digging is major sport in Puget Sound area, clam shovels, buckets and of course, tide tables as can go up to 22 feet during extremes.. they never did say what “Bait works best”!

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