Fail Video: T-Bone Takes a Header While Fighting a Catfish


If you’re a fan of Michael Waddell and the Bone Collector crew, you no doubt know Travis “T-Bone” Turner. A former outdoor 3-D archery world champion title, T-Bone loves hunting, shooting and fishing.

Recently, T-Bone and a couple buddies were fishing for catfish from a dock, when he hooked a big one. As his friend is running toward the dock with a landing net, T-Bone heads for the water’s edge along the shoreline to get a better angle while fighting the fish. And you’ll just have to watch the clip below to see what happens next.


Thankfully, it appears that T-Bone wasn’t hurt in the fall. And we are also thankful that his buddy’s smartphone battery didn’t die, and that T-Bone is a good enough guy to allow us to share in this fun video. Nice catfish, T-Bone!

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