Video: Chevy Colorado ZR2 Makes The Rubicon Trail Look Like a Cakewalk


Just as we saw the all new Chevy ZR2 crush an agility course like a cake walk, engineers really wanted to put this truck to the test to see what it could withstand. That lead them and fleet of ZR2 pickups to California’s Rubicon Trail – one of the best-known and most technical rock crawling truck trails in the U.S.

The new 2017 Colorado ZR2 is an off-road truck of firsts. Sitting on 31-inch tires, extremely advanced shock absorbers and heavy armoring below the engine, it’s built to go off-road right from the start. Off-Road Mode Technology allows you to seamlessly pick between Desert, Mud or Mountains.

TruckYeah is reporting that GM engineer Darren Bohne said it took the team 3 days to complete the 12-mile trail, which is pretty typical.

“And we didn’t touch a tow strap,” Darren bragged.

See how the Colorado ZR2 off-road truck was tested in the challenging rock crawling trails below:

In addition to its serious off-road capability, the Colorado ZR2 hits the streets with exceptional performance.

Learn more about the Chevy Colorado ZR2 right here.

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