Trail Cam Records a Mountain Lion Attempting to Ambush Colorado Woman


Many hunters use trail cameras to scout for everything from wild turkeys to whitetail deer, and some of these same individuals have learned that these digital cams also work well to monitor homes and properties 365/24/7.

What you’re about to see thanks to a four-shot photo sequence from a Stealth Cam, is a homeowner who has asked a neighbor lady to check on his Colorado home while he was away in Florida.

In the image immediately below, you’ll see the woman arrive at the home in her car, and she is pressing the garage door code to access the residence. Note the date and time stamp on the scouting cam photo.

In the next image, the woman has entered the home; you can see a light inside the garage, as well as a light in the home. PLUS, there’s a mountain lion strolling beside the woman’s car . . . only 3 minutes after she stepped inside and thankfully closed the garage door!


The Stealth Cam captured a second image of the big cat as it moved from left to right, then no more than 1 minute later, the woman emerges from the garage, ready to leave the home (photo below). That is a crazy close call!

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