Video: Ruffed Grouse Puts On a Killer Drum Solo for the Woods


Upland hunters know the deal; when you hear what sounds like a miniature blackhawk helicopter taking off through the woods, you’re in ruffed grouse territory.

This next video shows incredible footage of a ruffed grouse – the John Bonham of the woods, if you will – making a drumming sound, which they are distinctively known for throughout the north country. According to Ruffed Grouse Society, male ruffed grouse are aggressively territorial throughout their adult lives, and will fight for exclusive use of a 6-10 acre plot of woods.

The male grouse claims his stake of land by putting on a drum solo, which is created by rapidly flapping his wings back and forth. As is with the grouse in the video, the drumming is usually performed on top of a log, stone or mound of dirt.

There’s no doubt John Bonham and Ringo Star were two of the greatest drummers of all time, but the sound of this drum in the grouse woods is very tough to beat. Make sure your speakers are dialed up for this one:

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