Video: True or False, a Deer Eats this Much Forage Each Day


Avid whitetail hunters think about deer every day of the year. Yes, you could call it an obsession.

Assuming you’ve been bitten by the whitetail bug, have you ever wondered how much a 150-pound deer eats in a day? To learn the truth, it’s best to ask the experts, and near the top of the list when it comes to whitetail wisdom is the MSU Deer Lab. This educational unit of Mississippi State University focuses on whitetail research, management and education. Very simply, they know their stuff.

Image courtesy of MSU Deer Lab Facebook.

After watching the video below, ask yourself: “Is your deer hunting property providing enough high-quality food to maximize body size, reproduction and buck antler size for the entire deer herd? If not, it’s time to begin a forest management program and get busy with food plots.


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