Dramatic Video: Sea Lion Drags Girl Off Dock


Have you ever mistaken somebody as someone else, because they had their back turned toward you? Don’t feel bad, sea lions do it all the time, too.

At first, it was an incredible close encounter with a playful sea lion, but it quickly turned into a dramatic viral video of a classic case of mistaken identity.

The heart stopping video was taken on a dock in Richmond, British Columbia, when a seemingly curious (and rather ginormous) sea lion approached a group of people standing near the water. What they didn’t know was this sea creature was on the hunt for food.

CBC Canada reports that Michael Fujiwara was on the dock at the time, and said a family began feeding the creature bread crumbs.

After essentially serving the animal its appetizer, the sea lion was ready for the main course, and that’s about the time a young girl got closer to the edge for a better look:

And that is why experts are always telling you to never interfere with wildlife.

It’s impossible to know exactly what they’re thinking or what their intentions are, and this is a prime example. One can only guess, but it’s likely the sea lion mistook the girl’s white dress for a fish, and thought, “Don’t mind if I do.”

You have to wonder what the adults were thinking. The sea lion almost gets the little girl with its first attempt, and instead of learning from the close call, the adults allow the girl to get even closer by sitting on the dock railing. And then she turns her back on the creature. Not smart.

Fortunately, the young girl was not harmed, but only very shaken up.

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