Raniero Testa Sets New World Record Shooting 13 Clay Targets in Under 2 Seconds


Records are meant to be broken. You better believe Raniero Testa believes that, as he sets out to beat an old record he himself set back in 2012 when he launched and shot 12/12 clay targets in 2.36 seconds before they hit the ground.

To beat the record, Raniero grabs hold of 13 clay targets and the new Winchester SX4 semiautomatic shotgun. He heaves the targets into the sky and destroys his old record, hitting all 13 targets in under 2 seconds – That’s some fine shooting, sir!

Here is the video:

Winchester Repeating Arms website says, “Winchester Super X Autoloading shotguns have a worldwide reputation for speed, reliability and handling. The Super X 3 was a tough act to follow, and making the Super X 4 evolution of this popular shotgun series even better than its predecessor was a real challenge. That’s exactly what the gifted design engineers at Winchester Repeating Arms have done. The new Super X4 is lighter, faster cycling, smoother swinging and more ergonomic than ever before.”

Take a look at the next video to see this new firearm in action, and for more information about the SX4, visit the website right here:

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