Video: Dog Helps Owner Launch Fishing Boat


If you want a good laugh, you don’t need to buy tickets for the local comedy club. Instead, simply head over to the nearest public lake access and watch the people come and go with their boats.

From drivers who have trouble getting their vessel lined up as they approach the boat trailer, to those who have a trailer that doesn’t exactly fit their boat, the results are often funny enough that the participants end up having their 5 minutes of fame on YouTube.

Of course, there are guys such as OutdoorHub contributor Capt. Ross Robertson who fish for a living, and docking a boat and putting it on and off the trailer is as easy as breathing. But we think even Capt. Robertson would be impressed by the boat owner – and his dog – highlighted in this video.

The first time we watched it, we were a bit concerned that the trailer tire gets too close to the dog as the owner pulls away from the water. And note that the dog doesn’t have the launch rope in its mouth, it’s attached to the dog’s collar. So the dog has no choice but to holds its ground as the boat tries to drift away. But it looks like this tag-team is a well-oiled machine. And it leaves us asking, “Does the dog also net the owner’s fish?”

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